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DATE: 04/30/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Can My Ex Get Some of My Estate?

Resist the urge to use your will for vengeance
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DATE: 04/29/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

What Happens to a Pet when Owner Dies?

While it’s never fun or pleasant to think about what will happen to them if the worst should happen to us, it’s very important to consider how we can ensure that they are well cared-for when and if we are no longer able to care for them ourselves.
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DATE: 04/28/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Can I Avoid Probate?

If you don’t have a will and an estate plan, probate is an after-you’ve-gone legal struggle. It could last months, if not years, in a battle over what you intended your family (or friends) to have: your estate!
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DATE: 04/27/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Do Single People Need Estate Planning?

If you don’t have a spouse or children, you might think you don’t need to do much estate planning. However, if you have any assets, familial connections, or interest in supporting charitable groups – not to mention a desire to control your own future – you do need to establish an estate plan.
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DATE: 03/19/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

What Happens when Bitcoin Holders Die?

In today’s digital era, the departed will be survived by their electronic footprints, such as iPhone photo albums, Spotify playlists—and cryptocurrency wallets.
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DATE: 03/18/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Is a Bypass Trust Necessary?

The rise in the stock market over the past several years, teamed with the passage of the SECURE Act two years ago—as well as the scheduled 50% reduction in the size of the federal estate tax exemption four years from now—has resulted in a renewed interest in estate planning for IRA and 401(k) accounts owned by married couples.
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DATE: 03/17/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

When Can Estate Assets Be Distributed?

Many estate executors focus on estate taxes and forget about income taxes. That can be an expensive mistake.
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DATE: 03/16/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Are Millennials Estate Planning?

As the coronavirus pandemic increased anxiety and upended many lives, it led U.S. millennials to get more serious about end-of-life planning.
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DATE: 03/11/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

What If an Estate Owes Back Taxes?

My mother passed, and she was an administrator of my grandfather’s estate and the inheritances. The estate accumulated quite a bit of back taxes over the years. Will the IRS put a lien on that estate as well as hers to retrieve funds?
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DATE: 03/10/2022By: Tremer & Tremer, P.C.

Is a Medicaid Annuity a Good Idea?

For couples who face depleting their own assets, using a Medicaid-compliant annuity could be a way to preserve assets and still qualify for Medicaid.
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