Estate Administration & Probate

Estate Administration & Probate

handling the details in a difficult time

If you are a family member who has recently lost a loved one, we are here to help you deal with any legal issues you may face in this difficult time.  Our experience in elder and estates law has given us an appreciation of the mental and emotional impact your loss  has created which presents unique challenges especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

As a Will Executor or Executrix you may need guidance on how to perform your obligations and the steps you need to take in that role. We can discuss and answer any questions you have, and assist you with the Probate process, submitting the Will and supporting paperwork to the Surrogate Court.

If your loved one has died without a Will, we can also assist with any necessary Administration proceeding to allow you to finalize the Estate.

Should your Estate matter encounter difficulties, we are prepared to handle the resolution of any disputes, difficulties with beneficiaries or any other problems through negotiation, mediation or in the court process.

If you need advice on any Estate, Probate, Guardianship or Elder law issue, we are always available for a consultation to discuss your particular circumstances.