Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

empowering mutual resolution.

For many divorcing couples who want an effective yet cost efficient process to resolve their differences – mediation can offer a viable and positive alternative to what is often an expensive, protracted and emotionally destructive litigation experience.

Divorce, like any major life change, is a difficult transition for both parties.  Many times the feelings of grief, confusion, mistrust and fear can be overwhelming.  Yet, many couples in such a fragile emotional state find themselves enmeshed in the adversarial system, making important decisions on someone else’s timetable when they may be least equipped to do so.

Mediation allows the couple to control the process and the timetable so they can come to mutual decisions that satisfy each one’s interests when they are ready and able to make reasoned choices.

The mediator (who acts as a neutral in the process) is well versed in the issues which must be considered, but does not provide legal advice to either party.  Instead, the mediator works to move the discussion forward in a productive way.  The goal is to help the parties identify their needs and create workable solutions, until a resolution is achieved on each issue which must be included in a divorce settlement.

We offer reasonably priced mediation services with convenient evening and week-end appointments in a comfortable and constructive environment.  If you think mediation may be a better alternative for you, we would be happy to discuss it in greater detail, as well as provide information on each divorce option available.  You can also refer to our sections on Collaborative Divorce and Uncontested/Contested Divorce.