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Homeowners May Face “HELOC Shock”

Many homeowners opened home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs as they are popularly known, during the 2004-2007 lending boom.  Those that have been paying interest-only since then may be facing financial shock as their reset date approaches and they will be forced to bring their balance down to zero. Repaying Home Equity Loans by Lisa Prevost – NYT Real Estate Section, February 9, 2014...

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What Is Collaborative Law & Why is it Transforming the Practice of Law?

Co-Authored by Joan L. Tremer, Esq. Reprinted with permission of the Richmond County Bar Association Journal Fall 2013.  Collaborative Law or Collaborative Practice as it is sometimes called is one of the newest forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which can, in many cases, prove highly beneficial to both clients and counsel.  This article will present an overview of the basics of the collaborative law model, its advantages over litigation and mediation when utilized in appropriate cases, and the ethical issues which must be considered when integrating Collaborative Law into your practice. Collaborative Law is an “alternative way to settle disputes in which both parties hire specially trained attorneys who work to help them respectfully resolve the conflict.”1 In fact, Collaborative Law, and ADR in general, have recently been receiving favorable publicity and positive support from the public as well as an increasingly overburdened court system. In her book entitled The New Lawyer: How Settlement Is Transforming the Practice of Law, Professor Julie Macfarlane points out “…a 98% civil settlement rate, and the increasing use of negotiation, mediation, and collaboration in resolving lawsuits, have dramatically altered the role of the lawyer.” Commenting further “that the patience and deference of the consumers of legal services are beginning to fray around the edges,...

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The New Deal in Divorce

Collaborative law is rapidly emerging as a popular alternative to traditional divorce.  Specially trained lawyers and other professionals provide a cost-effective and family sensitive approach, without the stress and animosity that often accompany divorce litigation. The New Deal in Divorce by Elise G. McIntosh – Staten Island Advance, January 03,...

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