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experience a difference.

experience_iconWith over thirty years experience as a general practice firm, we are capable of handling a variety of legal matters and positioned to provide outstanding representation to our commercial and individual clients. But more than our legal experience… we take pride in the personal attention we give and the relationships we develop with our clients. We want you to be comfortable with us and confident in the services we are providing. This means we are always available to address your concerns, respond to your questions, keep you informed about your case, and represent you for a reasonable fee. When you need guidance on a legal matter, give us a call to see if our experience can work for you.

advocacy you can trust.


Our small size allows us to focus our complete attention on you, and every detail and aspect of your case.  You can be sure we will put our best effort into advocating for you by forming a strategic legal plan to optimize your results while protecting your interests….  To do that, whether your matter is anything from a real estate transaction to a complex litigation situation, we will include you fully in the process by listening carefully to your thoughts and concerns, discussing all viable options, and offering you our most reasoned advice and the advocacy needed to take you in the right direction.

solutions that work.

solutions_iconWe always take your individual circumstances into consideration to tailor our representation to your needs.  Cost effective resolutions to a legal issue come in many forms, and we work to achieve your goals with minimum stress and maximum efficiency… We know every client, and therefore every case is different.  And so, we try to avoid a cookie-cutter approach which may not be the best alternative for you.  While some matters may require litigation and the full use of the adversarial process, others may be better settled through negotiation or other methods of dispute resolution like mediation or collaborative law.  Really, the smartest solutions are those that work the best for you- your budget- your timetable- your life.  We invite you to explore the sections under our Services heading to learn more about what we do and how we might help you to achieve a smart solution.